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Current Assignment—Week of 5/18

  • Watch this lecture on T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, by the delightful Dr. Thomas Howard (the poem you read this week “Little Gidding” is the fourth of a series of four long poems called Four Quartets). It’s a college-level lecture, but there is some great stuff in here that I think you’ll really enjoy if you give it your best effort.
  • You can read along here.


  • I’ll be posting the Q4 exam with instructions shortly. Stay tuned.


  • You made it! You’re done.


  • None this week.

Vocab entry example:

  1. Popery. 2. The doctrines, practices, and ceremonies associated with the Pope or the papal system. 3. “…which was the first of nations whom the Lord adorned therewith after the gross darkness of popery which had covered and overspread the Christian world…”.

Q1 Reading
9/2 City of God: 11.1-4, 14.28, 15.1-8
9/9 City of God: Same as above.
9/16 Beowulf ll. 1-1250
9/23 Beowulf ll. 1251-2199
9/30 Beowulf ll. 2200-end
10/7 “The Dream of the Rood”
10/14 Fall Break
10/21 Review
10/28 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight stanzas 1-33
11/4 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight stanzas 34-66
11/11 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight stanzas 67-101
11/18 Canterbury Tales: General Prologue
11/25 None – Thanksgiving
12/2 Canterbury Tales: The Knight’s Tale
12/9 Canterbury Tales: The Nun’s Priest’s Tale
12/16 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
1/6 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
1/13 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
1/20 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
1/27 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
2/3 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
2/10 Dante (per Mr. Grissom)
2/17 John Donne, George Herbert poetry
2/24 Hamlet, first half
3/2 Hamlet, second half
3/9 Exam 3; Quarter 3 Paper Due; Paradise Lost 1-2
3/16 Spring Break
3/23 Paradise Lost 3-4
3/30 Paradise Lost 5-6
4/6 Paradise Lost 7-8
4/13 Paradise Lost 9-10
4/20 Paradise Lost 11-12
4/27 Gerard Manly Hopkins: “God’s Grandeur”, “As Kingfishers Catch Fire”, “Pied Beauty”, “Spring”, “Hurrahing in Harvest”
5/4 T.S. Eliot: “The Waste Land
5/11 T.S. Eliot: “Little Gidding
5/18 Exam 4; Quarter 4 Paper Due