English 10 | English 11

Essential Documents

Know these documents intimately

Formatting Requirements

How well can you follow detailed instructions?

  • 12pt., Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, left-aligned
  • All work must be turned in as a hard copy at class time. Anything else is counted as late.

Citing Sources

We DON’T do footnotes; we use the MLA documentation style

Rubric and Checklist

All essays (excluding reading summaries and journal entries) must include a rubric. A writing process checklist is optional. If you include a checklist filled out completely and in the right way, it will count as 50% of your paper grade, which means it can really give your essay score a boost.

Technical Difficulties

Not. A. Valid. Excuse.

You will always have computers and printers getting in your way when they are supposed to be helping. Showing up with nothing to turn in is unacceptable; have a friend help you out or something. Anything! Just make it happen.