Welcome to my humble website! I’m pretty much done being on big social media platforms and I’m seeing if it makes sense to just have a little corner of the internet where people can come by if and when they want.

If I don’t already have regular contact with you but you’re interested in occasional updates about me and my family, send me an email at ben@hughesky.com. I’ll put you on my special “off the social media grid” mailing list.

I’d also love to keep up with you and yours as well. Maybe we’ll actually have some meaningful correspondence, instead of just thinking we’re keeping up with each other because we see each other’s posts by change every now and then.

I started this on 11/23/20 and so far

9 people

have seen and followed through on this invitation

About me:

  • I am a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband and a father, a pastor and a teacher, and a citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • I study, the Bible, literature, and theology.
  • I enjoy lots of different kinds of music, reading, Cook Out milkshakes, Apple products, and really nice Bibles.
  • I play guitar and drums and I sing, mostly worship music. I also sometimes try to write poetry.
  • My preferred exercise is running.
  • I take one selfie per year, with my wife on our anniversary, while eating some sort of dessert.